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第六感 The Sixth Sense

ArtCN画廊 Shanghai 17. July - 5. September 2021

Opening Reception:

Saturday 17th July 2021, 4 - 7pm

牛安 Ann Niu, Cathalijn Wouters, Emmanuelle Hoppenot - de Guitaut Nici Jost, Pauline Ohrel, 万琼 Wan Qiong

ArtCN gallery is pleased to present The Sixth Sense, a multi-media group exhibition featuring selected works by Wan Qiong, Ann Niu, Pauline Ohrel, Cathalijn Wouters, Emmanuelle Hoppenot--de Guitaut and Nici Jost. Through photography, video, painting, sculpture and an immersive installation, the six artists share their own reflections on the sixth sense, its significance, and its effect on their respective creative processes. Apart from the five common senses there is an extra sense recognized as the sixth sense, which is a keen intuitive power of perception also called ‘proprioception’ or body awareness. With its ability to understand where one’s body is in space, it is often described as an inner sense or an internal body map, which allows us to know where we are. Combined with the other senses, it helps our brain to navigate the world. The artists echo each other in relating to the sixth sense as a powerfully evocative tool that conveys the various emotions embodied in their artworks allowing them to deeply connect with the viewer who in turn might question the inferences of the sixth sense within their own sensory space.


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