Instinctive Desire

Primeur / Instinctive Desire - Nici Jost
edition fink, Zürich 2019
ISBN 978-3-03746-233-1

The publication Instinctive Desire appears as Volume 8 of the series Primeur issued by the Aargauer

Concept: Nici Jost und Georg Rutishauser
Text: Dominique Grisard, Nici Jost (dt./engl.)
Concept and Design: Nino Izzi, Vera Grönegress, Silent Studio, Cham


"Instinctive Desire" is the first comprehensive publication by the artist Nici Jost (* 1984 Banff, Canada), which allows a detailed examination and analysis of the colour pink.
The essential element of Nici Jost’s work is the exploration of the sublime tensions between technology and nature, space and perception. Her artistic research is driven by investigations into social constructions and the way in which individuals navigate their surroundings. Jost challenges the passive “consumption” of art in a crowded environment and provokes questions about the broader, often disquieting, implications of our ever-accelerating technological evolution and the position of the individual within. Her artistic practice is unapologetically devoted to the colour pink, its distinctive characteristics, its history and the position the colour has in psychology, art, poetry, literature and politics. However, Jost does not only work with pink as a controversial and divisive element of social and cultural associations; pink is Jost’s sociopolitical lens, as it manages to polarize as no other color in the spectrum.

© 2016 by Nici Jost all rights reserved.

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