Pink Colour System
The Pink Colour System is a research-based project spanning several years. By analysing the nature of pink, its distinctive characteristics, its history, political, and social meanings, as well as the psychological effects it has on people and the reactions it provokes, the Pink Colour System not only names and categorises but also distinguishes the meaning and essence of ten different pink shades. By nature, pink is extremely complex and also controversial. It varies between delicate, tender, youthful, beautiful, sweet and natural to artificial, disturbing, disrespectful and offensive.
The Pink Colour System was created
in collaboration with Fiocchi AG Lack- und Farbenfabrik.
All colours can be purchased from their factory in Dietlikon and the shop in Zürich.

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Thank you:

Dr. Isabel Balzer, Balzer Projects - Pascal Schulz,

Fiocchi Farben - Georg A. Mattli, Treeproducts -

Gregor Preis -  Robin Jost, Solveig Jost.