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From West to East to Space

EXHIBITION: 1.3. - 28.4.2024

OPENING: March 1st, 6pm

Artstübli - Art & Culture, Basel

The cross-space exhibition aims to present a multifaceted journey through Nici Jost's artistic development. From her engagement with Western culture to the profound inspiration of her stay in Shanghai and her exploration of space as part of the GJ 504b project, the discourse surrounding the "Pink Project" continues to be the focus. The exhibition is the result of years of intensive artistic exploration and research. The focus is on the colour pink, which is considered not only as a colour spectrum, but also as an object of socio-political exploration.
The first part is dedicated to studies of Western culture, influences on global aesthetics and thinking. In the second part, Nici Jost introduces visitors to the world of her works and projects created during her stay in Shanghai. This section reflects the dynamic atmosphere and cultural diversity of the city.

The third part of "From West to East to Space" takes us into cosmic spheres with the GJ 504b project. This project explores the interface between art, science and technology and was developed in collaboration with Nadine Friedel and under the scientific advice of Ben Moore, Professor of Astrophysics at the University of Zurich. It examines the role of artificial intelligence as a collaborator in the creative process. The project was inspired by a pink exoplanet that resembles Jupiter and is 57 light years away. The newly created hue "GJ504b Pink" symbolizes the infinite possibilities and unexplored territories of outer space and artistic innovation.  Viewers are invited to reflect on the future of life, the perception of colour and its complexity beyond Earth.
The exhibition is curated by Dr. Isabel Balzer.

The exhibition will be accompanied by workshops for school classes and visitors. Talks and screenings on these topics will be held in collaboration with the artist Philipp Gasser (Professor Emeritus, Digital Media, Institute Art Gender Nature (Technology), Basel (HGK FHNW) and the artists on the subject of AI art.

Exhibition opening hours:

Thursday/Friday: 11 – 18 h

Saturday: 14 – 18 h

Tram 1, 2, 8 to Markthalle 


Artstübli - Art & Culture

CH-4051 Basel

The exhibition was realized thanks to generous support from the Aargauer Kuratorium, GGG Basel and the Swatch Art Peace Hotel. THANK YOU!


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