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Recycling Art - Pretty in Pink

Nici Jost offers artists the chance to have unused or unwanted artworks recycled. These could be new works, discarded experiments or just those “standing around” in storage for years, that never will be shown again. Jost collects the works and modifies them. All collected pieces are painted with a uniform pink satin finish, so that only the shapes of the works are visible. These are systematically documented with a “recycling ticket”, stating which artist has given which work, and how much volume was provided to the “recycling process”. The contributing artists are selected by one criterion: the respective artist has to be actively involved in the art market: that is, selling their work through galleries and other market channels. The artist must also agree with the
“alienation” and “disappropriation” process of the work. “Terms and Conditions” are agreed upon by signing a contractual agreement: the “recycling ticket”. Authorship and responsibility for the work are now passed on to Nici Jost. Both parties sign this “recycling ticket”. All participating parties know that something new will be created that has nothing to do with the original artwork,
its intentions and context.

Recycling Art - Pretty in Pink, 2015

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